Molham, 12
Mafraq, Jordan

“I miss my home country very much”

Molham had just turned 9 years old when he was injured by a stray bullet in Homs, Syria. In 2014, his family fled the fighting and took refuge in Jordan. Handicap International provides the young boy with rehabilitation care and psychosocial support.

Several years ago, when the fighting intensified in our home town, we decided to leave for Jordan,” explains Molham’s mother, during her son’s rehabilitation session. “He had been injured just a few months before and we really didn’t want to leave our home, but the situation was unbearable.” As he does his exercises Molham tells his physiotherapist Farah about what happened to him. “I was sat in front of the house when someone shot me in the leg. I spent ten days in hospital and I was operated on several times.”

Today, Farah is testing Molham’s balance by playing football with him. She encourages the young boy, remarking on the progress he has made since the last session. But Molham replies, “It’s not good enough, I want to be able to play like before.” Farah explains that it will come with time, that he needs to be patient. But the past is very much present for the young Syrian. “I miss my home country very much. My house too. It was a beautiful, large house, not like here. All my memories are of Syria. I remember the walk to school, the afternoons spent with my cousins at our grandparents’ house, the games I played with my friends. Today, I don’t know where they are or what has happened to them.”

Molham is still severely affected by what he has been through and the war he has fled from. “When he arrived in Jordan he was very aggressive. We suggested to his mother that he attended psychological support sessions as well as his physiotherapy sessions. But he needs time to fully recover,” explains Farah. If you ask Molham what his dream is now, he replies, “I just want to go back to Syria as it was before. And for no more children to be injured in this war.”